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How Does Anxiety Effect My Brain?

Due to our environment and the ongoing stressors impacting the body every second of everyday, the body can become overloaded and our brainwaves can become abnormal. This most commonly occurs as a result of overstimulation. This irregularity, often found in people suffering with anxiety can create abnormal responses to incoming stimuli. Neurofeedback is shown to normalize brainwaves.

Medications aren’t actually correcting the problem, they are unable to monitor your brain function and know if you need more or less of key neurotransmitters.

How Can Neurofeedback Help Anxiety?

Neurofeedback is also known as EEG Biofeedback. It is guided exercise for the brain that is shown to help normalize brainwaves. Neurofeedback is actually a learning modality designed to retrain abnormal brainwave patterns.

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